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Angels touch

Review by Chris Ramsay

Youtube video (21:19)

You are a very mean person!!!! LOVED THIS PUZZLE. Took about 30 minutes. Loved every second of it.

Random user

The brain capacity to design a puzzle such a this is insane! So intricate.

Random user

The work that must have been put into creating it must of taken forever!

Random user

Brilliant puzzle. It took me and my son just under 2 hours to finally solve it.

Random user

Love the thinking behind this puzzle.

Random user

What a journey I just went on holy shit.

Random user

The kind of mind required to design something like that is truly terrifying when you ask yourself, "If this person can build this.....what else are they building, for who, and for what purpose?"

Random User

This is insanity. I would of gotten to the last four and said, alright...I know this puzzle is broken now give me the right pieces.

Random user

That's a phenomenal puzzle!

10/10 from me. The most original yet, out of the puzzles I've seen.

10+ that was actually mental.

Random users

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